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Pex is the market leader in digital rights technology. Pex ensures transparency and accuracy in attribution by bringing together all stakeholders and industries to license and manage content. Its advanced technology operates at unprecedented speed and scale, enabling transactions that were previously thought impossible. By radically simplifying licensing on a ...

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Senior Tech Publicist
James Paasche

Pex Announces Hire of Jim Griffin, industry vet and Pho List founder, as VP of Digital Rights

Pex, the Los Angeles-based market leader in digital rights technology, is announcing the hire of Jim Griffin, digital innovator, Pho List co-founder, and music industry veteran, as a Vice President within the Digital Rights team.

Griffin has long been at the intersection of digital networks, music, and data, serving as CTO of Geffen Records, CEO of Cherry Lane Digital, and President of Network Licensing at Warner Music Group. He has also been a consultant and advisor to Nokia, WIPO and SoundExchange. Griffin’s significant expertise in copyright has led to his status as an expert witness on copyright issues before the US Senate and House Judiciary Committee.

He may be best known for co-founding the Pho List, an on-going meeting to discuss the digital delivery of art, especially music and its monetization. Pho started over 20 years ago as a literal weekly meeting at L.A. restaurant Pho 87, where Griffin and a band of co-conspirators discussed the digital transformation of the music industry. Today, Pho is a large online community,  populated with entertainment industry professionals, where business deals, the exchange of ideas, and industry-shaking news originates from.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Pex who announced the close of a major round of funding followed by being named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies of 2021”. Griffin keeps the momentum going, joining the team now bringing the catalogs of music, film, and sports rightsholders into Attribution Engine, a platform that provides social media and other UGC sites with a fully compliant real-time copyright identification, licensing, and administration solution.

Griffin is excited to play a part in the continued rise of Pex as a solution to the licensing issues plaguing online content: “I’ve been following Pex closely for years and have watched it grow from just a vision to its current state as the best-in-class identification technology. I’m enthralled to be part of the company that will bring long-awaited transparency and real-time copyright licensing to social media and other user generated content.”

Pex’s Bob Barbiere, Senior VP of Digital Rights, sees this hire as an unique opportunity for Pex, “I’m very excited about the addition of Jim to the team. As a recognized expert in the areas of copyright, metadata, and music licensing, Jim will be an immediate and invaluable asset. He has worked closely with the world’s top rightsholders and content distribution companies and comes with an intimate knowledge of the the regulatory dynamics driving the US and EU copyright reforms we are now witnessing.”