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Call for registration: Virtual discussion on EU directive

The Music Business Association, in partnership with digital rights technology company Pex, is calling on interested participants to register for its free virtual conference called Article 17: Are We Ready? That will held on 8 and 9 December.

Music Business Association president Portia Sabin.

Article 17 is set to change copyright law and the user-generated content (UGC) ecosystem. The discussion will map out how the latest law could impact the global music industry. It will see entertainment, legal and technology professionals, among others, discuss how creators, rights holders and platforms can get ready for one of the biggest changes to copyright in decades.

The event will cover the basics of Article 17, its impact on rightsholders and royalties, and how advanced identification and licensing technology can make platforms compliant quickly.

Day 1 will focus on Article 17’s effects on content rights holders and creators, with Day 2 focusing on UGC platforms.

“Ultimately, everyone will be impacted in some way or the other by this legislation,” Pex CEO Rasty Turek said. “Content creators, artists, labels, publishers, rights collections groups, law enforcement, and everyone who uses the Internet. Pex has been identifying uses of copyrighted material on UGC platforms for the past seven years and has found billions of uses, many of which were able to be monetised.”

Music Business Association president Portia Sabin said: “Article 17 is a significant copyright reform that stands to benefit music rights holders, content creators, and digital platforms alike, in and outside of Europe. Pex has been tackling this directive’s implications and how to implement reform for years, which is why we’re excited to join forces and host this two-day virtual conference together.”

The discussions will start at 6pm (CAT) on both days. The conference’s full agenda can be viewed here(link is external) and interested attendees must register here(link is external).

Find more about the call here(link is external).