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Pex's latest data report explores music usage on Instagram

We've reported on startup Pex's analysis of music usage in user-uploaded videos on YouTube and on Facebook this month. Now the company has published the third in its series of platform analyses: this time focusing on Instagram. This new report is based on crunching data from public video content in Instagram's feed – thus not including stories, which are removed after 24 hours. On a general level, Pex says that video views have been growing: "In 2019, per video views increased by 10.75% when compared to 2018. Overall in the last 3 years, per video views grew by 159%," it claimed. As with other platforms, the most popular videos are hogging most of the views: "Only 3% of the videos on Instagram are driving 83.7% of the views." But the meat of the analysis are the music stats. "58% of videos on Instagram in 2019 contained at least 10 seconds of music, representing 43.8% of total views on the platform," claimed Pex. As with its other reports, remember that these are external estimates, rather than official figures confirmed by the platforms.
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