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Pex data shows music in videos drives traffic and engagement on FaceBook

Usage of video on Facebook has experienced significant growth in 2019, with 279 million more videos uploaded than in 2018 (a 28% increase year over year), according to a report by Pex, a company specialised in online content tracking. At the end of 2019, there were 1.29 billion videos on Facebook. Pex stats show that total views on the platform reached 30.25 trillion, up 81% over 2018.

The top 2% of videos generated 86% of all views on Facebook. Videos with 1 to 10 million views accounted for 33.7% of total views, echoing a similar pattern at YouTube, where the 1 to 10 million views tier accounts for 31.6% of total views, and 0.77% of videos made up 82.83% of total views. Engagement increased by 66%, and comments grew by 54%.

Pex research found that 49% of all videos on Facebook contain at least 10 seconds of music and that those videos account for 77% of all views. Pex noted that "not only is music prevalent in Facebook videos, but its presence coincides with higher view counts," adding: "The numbers clearly illustrate how videos with music drive more views, and that licensing music was beneficial for Facebook and its users."