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Pex claims music was 22% of total YouTube views in 2019

Startup Pex has spent the last year scanning YouTube (among other platforms) and analysing the videos that are being uploaded and watched. Now it has published a report with its findings.

It includes the estimate that the music category accounted for 5% of the total content on YouTube in 2019, but 22% of the total views. The latter stat is up from 20% in 2018, according to the same study a year ago.

There’s also some interesting data on the distribution of views on YouTube. “A mere 0.77% of videos generated 82.83% of the views in 2019,” claimed Pex.

Many of the uppermost tiers of YouTube videos by views are in the music category too. The report claimed that 30% of videos with between 10m and 100m views were music, and 57% of those with between 100m and 1bn views.

And for the tiny percentage of videos that got more than 1bn views in 2019? Music accounted for 83% of those.