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Pex dubs Cardi B the ‘Queen of Quarantine’ on Instagram

Music and video analytics company Pex has been looking at the most popular videos and GIFs across Instagram, Twitter and Giphy for March. One of the big winners is Cardi B, whose video views on Instagram have surged in recent weeks, thanks in part to her coronavirus-related posts.

Five of the top 10 Instagram videos in March were by Cardi B on this subject, leading Pex to dub her ‘The Instagram Queen of Quarantine’ in its press release.

Cardi B has 61.7 million Instagram followers, so it’s no surprise her videos have been popular. One clip, the biggest on Instagram last month with more than 28m views, saw her in her house freestyling about the impact of coronavirus on life, and why people should not be worrying about the late delivery of items they ordered online (bonus: a phenomenal amount of swearing, so if you have children running around your home office, maybe plug headphones in first…) We can also recommend (watching, NOT copying – health and safety note) her ‘Day 3’ video that’s simply Cardi running headfirst into a giant Jenga tower.

As much as Instagram is well known for highly-curated perfect lives of influencers, right now what people are responding to is a proper pop star laughing uproariously and making fun of herself. All power to her.