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Mix licensing platform Dubset bought by rights management firm Pex

The mix licensing platform Dubset has been bought by Pex, a company that helps rights owners monitor, manage and value the use of their content across the web.

A key focus of the Dubset business was using audio-ID technology to identify tracks that have been used in unofficial mixes and remixes and then ensuring that they are all properly cleared and any royalties due are collected. The company secured deals with various music companies by offering rightsholders the tools to control and monetise the use of their music in often popular but traditionally unlicensed mixtapes and DJ mixes.

As for Pex, it states that it “delivers independent video and music analytics and rights management services to enable creators, rightsholders and marketers to find, measure and leverage the value of content across the web”. By acquiring Dubset, Pex gets access to that company’s music industry client base and partners, who in turn will be able to monitor and manage the use of their recordings on a wider range of social and user-upload platforms.

Says Pex boss Rasty Turek: “Dubset is a company we’ve been interested in for some time. There are very few companies in the music business that have successfully licensed as much catalogue as Dubset, and the music rights database they’ve built is massive and rare. Our technology’s scale and speed enables broad market access by all rightsholders to our rights management and analytics services, built on top of the 20 billion video and audio files in our indexed database. We feel this will prove to be a game-changing combination”.

Dubset’s former SVP Global Licensing Bob Barbiere, who is now SVP Digital Rights at Pex, adds: “The distribution of digital media via social media has outpaced rightsholders’ abilities to track, license, and manage their audio and video assets. Dubset was timely and successful in filling an industry need around identification and licensing of music in mixes and remixes. This acquisition will immediately expand rightsholders’ abilities to locate, protect, and monetise use of their catalogue within any form of music or video currently being shared on any of the world’s largest UGC and social media sites”.