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Music & Video Analytics & Digital Rights Management Company Pex Acquires Dubset

Music and video analytics and digital rights management company, Pexeso, Inc (Pex) has acquired Dubset.

The deal brings Pex an embedded customer base of thousands of labels and publishers representing over five million artists and composers and fifty million musical works, built on top of the 20 billion video and audio files already indexed in Pex’s database.

“Dubset is a company we’ve been interested in for some time,” notes Rasty Turek, founder and CEO of Pex in a press release. “There are very few companies in the music business that have successfully licensed as much catalog as Dubset, and the music rights database they’ve built is massive and rare. Our technology’s scale and speed enables broad market access by all rights holders to our rights management and analytics services, built on top of the 20 billion video and audio files in our indexed database. We feel this will prove to be a game-changing combination.”

Dubset is a company that looks to resolve usage rights issues for DJ mixes. This will now give Pex a massive database to work with for analytics and rights management that will make it easier to negotiate with big players in music and tech.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it was something that took nearly a year to close. Music Business Worldwide is reporting this was worth around $25 million.