Press Clipping
Pex launches an Attribution Engine to manage online content and rights disputes

Digital rights monitoring company Pex has launched an Attribution Engine (AE) tool allowing rights-holders and platforms "to mutually use a free, third-party system for managing online content and complicated rights disputes in the service of creating a complete and accurate picture of who has ownership of assets."

The AE uses Pex’s fingerprinting and matching technologies. Content creators and rights-holders can register their video and audio library with AE and establish custom distribution and licensing rules for their content. When the AE informs the platform of a match in user-generated content, the platform applies the licensing policy the rights-holder placed on the content.
Pex explained that the system gives uploaders the chance to dispute claims against their uploaded content. Any ownership conflicts "will be settled through an efficient and transparent process to reduce friction and copyright trolling."

“Until platforms know who made what, who content belongs to, they can’t properly execute a system for licensing and compensating creators.” says Pex COO Amadea Choplin. “Attribution Engine is designed to offer a neutral third-party cost-free solution to rights-holders big and small, and to introduce the necessary layer into the system that will level the playing field for creators of all sizes and types.”