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Meet PEX - The Advanced Video & Music Analytics Platform

Pex delivers independent video and music analytics & rights management services to enable creators, rights holders, and marketers to find, measure, and leverage the value of content across the Web. The Pex attribution engine allows online video and music platforms and apps to programmatically authenticate content before users upload.

The fingerprinting and lookup capabilities of Attribution Engine stem from the established technology on which it is built. Pex's algorithms, which have been powering Pex products for the past few years, allow for content identification with matching segments as short at 0.5 seconds in length, melody matching, and detecting compressed, cropped, or otherwise modified copies.

To date, Pex has signed all major music labels and publishers as clients, supporting everything from their DRM efforts and licensing to A&R and marketing. In addition, Pex counts as clients major movie studios, brands, and ad agencies using its services to track their content across platforms to get a better understanding of its impact.

However, I wanted to explore the story behind PEX and how Rasty Turek learned about entrepreneurship in the most unexpected way possible. I wanted to learn more about this startup story. On today's episode, Turek reveals how he built a company that flies in the face of tech work-life imbalance, and that encourages both performance and outside passions.