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Ads dominate Twitter videos in 2018

For those doubting the power of social media video advertising, they need only look at PEX’s recent research.

The platform, which is a global video and music search engine used by all the major labels and dozens of publishers, compiled a list of the top videos of 2018 from the big four social media platforms.

Advertising dominates Twitter’s videos
Interestingly, Twitter’s top ten videos for last year were dominated by adverts from brands like Toyota, Downy, and LG.

Here is the full list.

On Instagram
Instagrammer Lele Pons claimed four of the top ten spots on that social media platform’s most watched video list for 2018. Kylie Jenner managed to grab two spots on the list.

Music videos top YouTube
Follow on from 2017’s trend, YouTube’s top 10 videos were all music videos. Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Cardi B took top spot with Girls Like You. Here is the full list.

PEX uses a fingerprinting Shazam-like technology to identify and total the view count from more than 20 open streaming platforms, based on the numbers that they make public.

All data was provided by PEX.